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Episode 169: Kate Thornton Special

Episode 169: Kate Thornton Special

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the legendary Kate Thornton! She tells us all about her amazing career - from editing Smash Hits at the age of 21 and hosting the X-Factor to producing her fantastic podcast, White Wine Question Time. 

We also cover some tricky topics, such as: how much pressure should we put on our kids to work hard at school? What's the best way to cope when you're a neat freak and your partner is messy? And how do you deal with a blister on your nubbin? Kate Thornton has the answer to all these burning questions and more. 

There's also a bit of serious chat, as Helen discusses her recent trip to Australia, and we talk about the work of the brilliant charity Practical Action. They are working to turn the tables on climate change in North Darfur. Donate before 9 March and your gift will be matched by the UK government - so it will go twice as far. Find out more at

As usual, it quickly descends back into filth and nonsense, and we finish with some Scummy Mummy Confessions. 

The excellent White Wine Question Time is available now, wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Kate on Instagram @thekatethornton, or on Twitter @k8_thornton.

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