Changing The World, One Shine At A Time with Drew Goodall

Changing The World, One Shine At A Time with Drew Goodall

By Shari Teigman

Drew Goodall is the owner of a shoe-shining company called Sunshine Shoeshine.

Drew’s way to do business is different and admirable in many ways. He hires only homeless and disadvantaged people to his business, giving them a new chance to be part of the society and a feeling of cohesiveness. He also gives a proportion of the company’s annual turnover to charity.

Drew’s journey to entrepreneurship was not very usual either. As a former actor he ended up living on the streets of London after his career fell apart.

It took some time and a lot of effort to make the company stable but the hard work paid off.

Nowadays Drew owns a great social enterprise and is leading the new way to do purposeful business.

Drew is a true Maverick and  a role model & example of how you can turn your life around - if you just embrace the opportunity and believe in yourself.

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