74 Sally Abbott & The Deadly Detox

74 Sally Abbott & The Deadly Detox

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 29 January

In this episode, The Drunk Women are joined by a lady who has been writing TV crime drama for so long, she's sure to help us get into the mind of any perpetrator - it's screenwriter and super sleuth, Sally Abbott!

Sally talks us through some of the crimes which have coincided with key moments in her life AND tells us about some techniques used to get prisoners to feel empathy for their victims - fascinating stuff.

The gang then hear about a woman who would no doubt have a huge Insta following today, as she peddled a detox regimen - which had deadly results.

This week's listener crime sounds like a very narrow escape for one savvy lady, and her knowledge of what kind of shovel is used for clearing snow may well have saved her life!

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