S3 E15 - Diluting Juice (with Chris Taylor and Connagh)

S3 E15 - Diluting Juice (with Chris Taylor and Connagh)


Love Island: The Morning After

Wednesday, 29 January

It's a classic love story... two people bonding over their love of eating tuna pasta sweetcorn for breakfast.

Kem's not here this morning so Arielle's called in Chris Taylor to help her take the reins - AND we have Connagh with a G in the studio! We ask Connagh all about that Welsh Rarebit, and we confront him with his own predictions for his time in the villa.

Leanne's called it off with Mike! She got a big old case of the ICK. Was she right to call it a day? Is Mike going to crack on with Sophie? Is Jess going to crack on with Mike? It's all change in that villa!

Get out your protractors - because there's a new triangle in town! Siannise and Rebecca both have their eyes on Luke T and it looks like tonight's going to be an aggy one... catch it at 9pm on ITV2.

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