S3 E16 - Barbecue Base (with Lauren Mahon)

S3 E16 - Barbecue Base (with Lauren Mahon)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 30 January

As the old saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking any eggs... or in Wallace's case, you can't do a weekly shop without buying 20 eggs.

Arielle and Kem have the gorgeous Lauren Mahon in the studio this morning.

We said goodbye to Leanne last night after a shock recoupling. Was Mike right to choose Sophie? Will there be a future for them as a couple? And what the HECK is going to happen in tonight's episode when Leanne confronts him?!

Ding ding! Siannise and Rebecca went in for another round last night. Will the recoupling help solve the Luke - Wallace - Rebecca - Siannise square? Probs not, let's be completely honest here.

Everyone else is quite loved up, eh? Shaughna and Callum continue to be a power couple and our man Nas is finally in a romantic couple (YES!)

Finley and Paige got cosy in the hideaway - and everyone else was relieved to have a break from Finn's snoring for a night.

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