"Shag. Marry. Avoid. Snap. Crackle. Pop."

Loose Lips

By Jorgie Porter & Sharon Carpenter

"Shag. Marry. Avoid. Snap. Crackle. Pop."

Monday, 3 February

Please Note: By listening to this podcast, you are consenting to being shocked, riled up and, quite possibly, appalled. But, why stop now?

This week, Samira’s fresh off the NTAs with stories to tell, whilst Jorgie glammed up for the ultra-glamorous Antiques Roadshow. Plus, Toni has gotten in touch – how does she go about creating barriers on Instagram? And how do you make a move on a colleague if you work in a primary school?


Samira & Jorgie are taking on trolls everywhere and their weird crushes include a comedy genius plus another cartoon character (is there a pattern emerging here, Sam?)


Does going to a strip club mean you’re not a feminist? Jorgie has paid a visit or two but Samira doesn’t know what she’s missing out on (nor does she want to!)

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