S3 E19 - Pucker Up Big Boy (with Nadia Jae and Declan J Donovan)

S3 E19 - Pucker Up Big Boy (with Nadia Jae and Declan J Donovan)


Love Island: The Morning After

Monday, 3 February

Literally only on Love Island would you see someone getting annoyed that their partner chose to snog them rather than marry them...

Arielle's away, so Kem has Nadia Jae in the studio to discuss who snogged who, who married who and who got well and truly pied last night - AND because we love you so much, singer-songwriter Declan J Donovan comes in for a chat after having his single played on the show!

We said goodbye to Wallace and Sophie last night in a savage double dumping. The Islanders had a very difficult decision to make, but they chose to save Mike and Rebecca. We grabbed a villa exclusive (oooooh!!) and caught up with both of them after they were dumped... most importantly - is Sophie going to crack back on with OG Connor!

Jess and Luke T called it a day, and Mad Moves Mike swooped in faster than the speed of light - and they had a SNOG. As Shaughna said... the devil works fast but Big Mike Moves faster. Do we think it has legs?

We also discuss #spoongate and which Islanders we would snog, marry and pie.

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Make sure you're watching ITV2 at 9pm tonight because it's time for Casa Amor - will what happens on tour stay on tour?
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