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S3 E20 - We Are Strong, We Are Beautiful, We Are Independent (with Dr Alex George)

S3 E20 - We Are Strong, We Are Beautiful, We Are Independent (with Dr Alex George)


Just looked in the Spanish dictionary, and apparently the direct translation of "Casa Amor" is "house where all our lovely couples completely lose their heads and start flirting with a bunch of mega-fit strangers and really stress us out for a whole week" - so it's quite an accurate name, tbh.

Dr Alex is in the studio with Kem and Arielle this morning - and we are GLAD he's here because not only has he survived Casa Amor, but he can also give us some medical advice to help us re-attach our heads after last night's episode.

We break down the new Islanders, and do a deep dive into who has their eyes on who. We discuss the best techniques for someone heading into the villa - should they keep their options open or go all out for one person?

Are heads going to turn? Callum looks pretty interested in Molly, meanwhile back at The Villa Shaughna's stressing out, but don't worry, because model Josh is laying it on thick with her. And what about our man Nas... do we think he could be swayed by any of the new girls? Nooooooo!!!!

There are no saliva cocktails on the menu at the podcast studio this morning - we got sufficiently put off last night... but what a way to get to know the newbies, eh?!

It's going to be a juicy week - so make sure you're subscribed, so we get delivered straight to you the morning after every episode of Love Island.

Let us know what you think is going to happen using #LoveIslandPodcast - and remember: we are strong, we are beautiful and we are independent!
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