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Episode 170: Comedy, Gay Parenting and IVF with Jen Brister

Episode 170: Comedy, Gay Parenting and IVF with Jen Brister

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

It's an eventful episode this week as we chat to hilarious comedian Jen Brister, and accidentally lock her in Ellie's lounge. 

Listen to Jen chat about being a gay parent and mum of twins, while becoming increasingly desperate for a piss. Will we be rescued in time, or will Jen be forced to wee in Ellie's son's fireman's bucket? Tune in to find out and enjoy some exciting cameos. Do listen right to the end for a surprising twist.

Jen tells us what it's like to have babies with another lady, and how you decide who gets to be (has to be?) the pregnant one. We also find out why choosing sperm with your partner is even harder than deciding what to watch on Netflix. 

Later on, Jen shares the most honest advice about kids and sleep we've ever heard. Ellie and Helen try to explain what Match Attax is, and to guide Jen through her kids starting school. Predictably they fail on both counts. 

Jen's brilliant book, The Other Mother, is out now. Follow her @jenbrister and visit her website

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