Extra Lippy: "Please Send Your Sperm In"

Loose Lips

By Jorgie Porter & Sharon Carpenter

Extra Lippy: "Please Send Your Sperm In"

Thursday, 6 February

Please Note: By listening to this podcast, you are consenting to being shocked, riled up and, quite possibly, appalled. But, why stop now?

Welcome to Extra Lippy! The podcast which is all about YOU! In this bonus episode, which will be coming to you every Thursday, Producer Charlotte has been hitting the London streets to find out your weird crushes. Plus, how what advice does Samira & Jorgie have for overbearing mothers?

Also, we hear Samira's first reaction to 'Dinosaurs In Love' - it's quite something. (There's also that small matter of sending sperm in too ... We'll get to that.)

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