S3 E22 - Big Whopper Choppers (with Montana Brown)

S3 E22 - Big Whopper Choppers (with Montana Brown)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 6 February

"This town ain't Biggs enough for the both of us" said Ched

It's a series three reunion because Kem and Arielle have Montana Brown in the studio this morning!

So, it looks like tonight's reunion is going to be p r e t t y savage. We're going to be watching from behind the sofa (but secretly loving the drama - let's be honest)

Let's break it down - we have The Swayers, like Nas who is getting his head turned by Eva, and Callum who has LOST HIS HEAD over Molly. Still slightly traumatised after that snog, is there any going to Shaughna after that?

On the other hand, we have The Stayers who want to stick with their original couples. BUT anything could happen - cancel all your plans and be there on ITV2 at 9pm tonight to see the two villas get back together. Popcorn at the ready, peeps.

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Why don't we all just get together after this and play a nice friendly round of the put your body parts on the emoji mat and then lick each others' necks game? Nobody?! Okay :(
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