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By Alex Reads


Fridays will never be the same!

I decided that Notes to Self should have its own episode.

Welcome to #NotesToSelf: A sort of workshop and intimate conversation to explore how we are managing ourselves, dealing with excessive expectations and what resources we can use to help us through those moments.

This week I speak about: Grief.

- What is grief?

- Struggles with grieving

- Mourning a grandparent:

- Media and Grief. Handling Kobe and Nipsey Hussle:

- How can we better support people who are grieving?

Once a month, I will be discussing a book from #BooksThatMatter - so read along with me!

The first #BooksThatMatter episode will be on 14th Feb and will be All About Love by bell hooks.

Read with me and send me questions if you have any. I’ll let you know the book for the following month at the end of the episode.

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Time To Talk With Alex Reads