S3 E24 - Congrats, Hun. (with Georgia Kousoulou)

S3 E24 - Congrats, Hun. (with Georgia Kousoulou)


Love Island: The Morning After

Saturday, 8 February

Hello, is that 999? We would like to report a theft. It's Demi - she's been robbed of her time with Nas.

Arielle and Kem have the lovely Georgia Kousoulou in the studio this morning. Georgia's been getting a lot of messages saying that she looks like Shaughna - we think they would make a gorgeous badass duo.

We discuss how well Shaughna held it together after last night's recoupling - what's going to happen at that well awks hang out between her and Molly? Poor Shaughna :(

Demi and Nas settled things with a VERY mature chat - but then Nas snogged Eva right in front of her. Poor Demi :(

There's a lot of Islanders in the villa now... you could say it's going to GET BUSY when Sean Paul heads into the villa for the PARTY OF A LIFETIME on Sunday. He's even left us a very special message - our lives have officially been MADE. Is there still time to get us on a flight out to Cape Town to join in?

We had a very special Crush Club today - if you want to join in, email us on themorningafter@itv.com! Cute as heck.

See ya Monday morning for another week of Love Island action - if you've missed anything this week, you can catch up on ITV Hub!
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