S3 E28 - Tomato and Tomata (with Luke Franks, Rebecca and Jordan)

S3 E28 - Tomato and Tomata (with Luke Franks, Rebecca and Jordan)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 13 February

Every day is hump day if your name is Officer Mike.

Arielle has another one of her best pals sitting in Kem's seat this morning - it's Luke Franks! Jordan and Rebecca (fresh off the jet - btw) are also here to spill the tea on their time in the villa. Don't worry, we made sure there was no avocado toast within a two mile radius of the studio before Rebecca got here.

The Newsplash challenge was SAVAGE. How do we think our Islanders are going to deal with the fall out? It looks like there are going to be a couple of arguments in tonight's episode. Eeeeek.

Mike and Priscilla went to the hideaway. There was cream involved. Do we need to say anything more? It was a lot.

So, what do we think about Shaughna getting the feels for Luke M? It kinda came out of nowhere - but we're kinda here for it. Rebecca and Jordan give us the low down on what they think of that potential pairing...

IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY TOMORROW. This is your final call if you want to get a Crush Club shout out in before the big day - email us at themorningafter@itv.com!

Really glad that Jess and Ched didn't p-p-p-pick up a penguin on their date. It would have been very cruel to take them away from their natural habitat.
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