77 Saima Ferdows & A Right, Royal Gem of a Heist

77 Saima Ferdows & A Right, Royal Gem of a Heist

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 19 February

This episode welcomes comedy director & producer Saima Ferdows to our ever expanding force and what an asset she is.

We start by hearing about a crime committed against Saima which could unleash a podcast called 'Drunk Women COMMITTING Crime'. It's then of course time to get into the work of a ne'er-do-well from history, in this instance the criminal attempted a confidence trick of royal proportions, hitting the victim in more than just The Crown Jewels - despite some abysmal planning skills.

The gang then solve a crime sent in by a listener, for which both Saima and Hannah can offer some empathy.

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