AAA 460: We Roll Like TCL

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AAA 460: We Roll Like TCL

Matteo reviews the Oppo Reno 2Matteo shows off the Doogee S68 Pro, N100 and N20Mobile World Congress is canceledEssential is canceled too, foreverAndroid 11 landing page goes live earlyDifferences in 5G among Samsung's phonesTCL concept phone sports a slideout displayGalaxy Z Flip display is technically glass, with a catchMotorola Razr is incredibly tough to repairGmail APK shows signs of upcoming Inbox featuresGoogle's Socratic app helps with homeworkHQ Trivia ran out of money but might be saved

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Jason - Beta Maniac - Life of a beta tester - Photo Mate R3 - Goat's Battle (Open Alpha) Week's Poll

Hosts: Jason Howell and Ant Pruitt

Guest: Matteo Doni

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