S3 E32 - Look At This Sausage (with Honey Ross and Shaughna)

S3 E32 - Look At This Sausage (with Honey Ross and Shaughna)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 20 February

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we watched that episode with Shaughna?!

The dream duo Arielle and Kem are back together this morning and they have assembled the ULTIMATE girl gang - because Honey Ross and Shaughna are in the studio!

Shaughna spills the tea about her time in the villa and SHE. DOES. NOT. HOLD. BACK.
She's all in for one couple to win (it's not a surprise which couple it is) and she sparks a very heated debate about tea making technique.

The Islanders voted to save Mike and Priscilla, so Callum and Molly were dumped from the Island. We grabbed a steaming hot exclusive for you and pulled them for a chat after they got dumped to see how they felt about leaving...

Sorry, but how is it time for the mega-dates already? Mike had the best day of his life on safari with Priscilla, Jess and Ched got spicy with some sausages and Paige and Finn had a, erm, sandy island dinner. They were all cute as heck, and everyone's well loved up. We love to see it.

This is an important announcement. If you would like to join our Crush Club - you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com and we will ask your crush out on the podcast. This is your final call. Thank you for your cooperation.

Get involved! Send us a cheeky (soz Arielle) tweet on #LoveIslandPodcast.

PLEASE nobody tell the Breakfast Club about Ched's massive sausage. They won't be able to handle it.
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