Why Do Horses wear Shoes? with Clover Stroud. What Noise Does a Zebra Make? Can Animals Catch a Cold?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Why Do Horses wear Shoes? with Clover Stroud. What Noise Does a Zebra Make? Can Animals Catch a Cold?

Thursday, 20 February

This week on the podcast we find out about horses and their shoes, zebras and their noises and sneezing animals! 

Our first question is from Isabel, she would like to know, what noise does a zebra make?

Have a listen to zebras bark, bray, nicker and snort, all the sounds they make depending on what they're up to.

Next we hear from Ted who would like to know Why do horses wear shoes?

Hear the answer from Clover Stroud, a brilliant writer who loves horses and horse riding and knows all about horses and why they wear shoes. Plus what it's called when they don't wear shoes!

Find out how to win a copy of Clover's brilliant new book for your MUM, Godmum or any grown up woman in your life who would like to read about being a mother. My Wild And Sleepless Nights is all about what its like to be a MUM, Clover has FIVE children so she knows everything there is to know about it all. It’s not a book for children it’s one for MUMS! And you can win a copy for yours by entering the competition on the show.

Our third question is also about animals and it’s for anyone listening right now that has a cold! It's from Ivy and her question is can animals catch a cold? Find out about horse and dog colds as well as how scientists use drones to find out more about whale flu.

That's our three questions!

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I hope you have a lovely week, thank you and GOODBYE! X

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