AAA 461: Dumbing Down of Android

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AAA 461: Dumbing Down of Android

Inside Android 11 Developer Preview 1Sony Xperia 1 II is priceyHuawei Mate XS might get a wider release than the XHonor View 30 Pro lacks Google servicesYouTube Music is trialing user-uploaded musicSamsung's Find My Mobile push notification errorHTC plans a 5G flagship for 2020Microsoft is bringing its Defender software to Android

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Ant - Filmic FirstLight Camera
Ron - SayCheese - Remote Camera (Early Access)
Duncan - Microsoft Authenticator
Jason - Beat Hazard 2 ($3.99 now at 50% for early access)
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Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Ant Pruitt

Guest: Duncan Jaffrey

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