Mycelium Mindfulness

Peace Out Podcast

By Chanel Tsang

Mycelium Mindfulness

Monday, 2 March

Today we talk about mycelium. To me, this is such an interesting topic, so I’ve included some links below if you want to learn more! 

We also do a Loving Kindness practice today. This is when we think of four people (ourselves, someone we love, someone we find difficult, a neutral person) while we say:

May you be happy May you be healthy May you be safe May you live with ease 

This is a beautiful practice that helps encourage kindness.

And speaking of kindness, if you’d like to tell us about a time when someone did something kind for you, please send a voice recording to with “Kindness Story (child’s name)” as the subject. We will listen and respond to each one and choose a few to include on future Peace Out episodes! 

Today’s Themes

Scientific (curriculum connections): mushrooms, mycelium, root systems Social-emotional connections: interconnectedness 


Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the Natural World by Julia Rothman (I love this beautifully illustrated book!) Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus by Nic Fleming (BBC) Mushroom Tutorial, Brandeis University List of Mushroom Types from A to Z, Gardening Channel Video: Joe’s Big Idea: Inspired By A Fungus, Inventor Creates Biodegradable Packaging (NPR) Video: David Suzuki wants Canada to embrace renewable energy before it's too late (for older children, adults)

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