Hoovering - Episode 108: Meera Sodha


By Jessica Fostekew

Hoovering - Episode 108: Meera Sodha

Welcome to HOOVERING, the podcast about eating. Host, Jessica Fostekew (Guilty Feminist, Motherland) has a frank conversation with an interesting person about gobbling; guzzling; nibbling; scoffing; devouring and wolfing all up… or if you will, hoovering.

I’m only bloody hoovering with one of my culinary heroes this week. It’s the absolute superhero food writer Meera Sodha. WAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I FUCKING KNOW. She’s the absolute best, and poetic in how articulately she tells her stories. What a massive treat for everyone involved. 

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Honourable Mentions

If you don’t already follow MEERA SODHA on social media, you must. And if you don’t already won her latest book EAST, get it now, not just for you but for everyone you’ve ever loved. 

I would very much love to have you come and see my stand up show HENCH, which now up and off on TOUR all around the UK, IRELAND and MELBOURNE. Come! All my tickets are on sale now and they’re selling out like wildfire.

Outside of that I’ll be doing new material gigs and I’m always sticking new dates on MY WEBSITE so have a check. The Hoovering Live dates go on there too. 

THIS IS THE RECIPE for the salted miso brownies that Meera made us. 

She mentioned an extraordinary sounding posh Italian restaurant in north London called TRULLO

Turns out we studied at the same time at LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS 

I rave about the dosas I had in Leicester at HERB KAYAL

She talks about training at DOCK KITCHEN which no longer exists but it redirects to its creators. 

Meera taught me about a load of important food people. Bread activist ANDREW WHITLEYFERGUS HENDERSONhttp://supporter.acast.com/hoovering.


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Hoovering - Episode 108: Meera Sodha
Hoovering - Episode 108: Meera Sodha