RHLSTP 241 - Jenny Eclair

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

By Sky Potato, Go Faster Stripe and Fuzz Productions

RHLSTP 241 - Jenny Eclair

Wednesday, 18 December

#241 Tilda Swinton’s Guff -Richard is at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester and his Yorkshire roots mean he isn’t going to let a bone of contention go. Luckily he has the fabulous Jenny Eclair on hand to take his mind off it. 

They discuss lines of coke the length of a freezer, how Rich may be responsible for Jenny’s menopause, marrying for tax reasons, the sexiness of Mrs Thatcher, farting in front of your daughter’s boyfriend, the importance of hobbies and whether middle age brings madness. Plus Jenny’s fabulous book Inheritance https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inheritance-Jenny-Eclair/dp/075156706X and the challenges of doing an audio book.


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