RHLSTP 151 - Ellie Taylor

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

By Sky Potato, Go Faster Stripe and Fuzz Productions

RHLSTP 151 - Ellie Taylor

Wednesday, 25 October

RHLSTP #151: Ellie Taylor - Catching Clouds. RHLSTP is back and the sky has changed colour and the first of the gang has died, so Richard is a bit unsettled and sad. But on we plough until our own inevitable deaths. The guest today previously worked for Isis, it's Ellie Taylor, who claims to have grown up in Brentwood, but she doesn't know much about it or trampolining. Like you'd expect. They talk about the faces you pull when you're modelling for Matalan, being apparated in a box, the great Josh paedo postman betrayal, why cats are better than babies, having a heart made of diamonds, and much too much about genitals, but then some stuff about the cute things kids say to make up for the rudeness. Richard is so tired that his brain either says everything he is thinking or can't formulate basic words (so no real change there), but luckily Ellie is eloquent as he bumbles around the questions of body image and perceived attractiveness. Plus he gets to ask questions from the brand new EQ app! See all of Ellie's tour dates here: http://socomedy.co.uk/artist/ellie-taylor/


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