Emily Yoshida on Björk's "Post" (1995)

Emily Yoshida on Björk's "Post" (1995)

By MaximumFun.org

Björk's  sophomore album Post marked a significant change in the singer/songwriter's career. For one, it was heavy; the growl of her voice, the grittiness of the instrumentation on songs like Army of Me, the music videos directed by Michel Gondry. Post was also much more unpredictable that her first solo album Debut. Björk collaborated with a ton of different producers like Tricky, Graham Massey, Howie B, and Nellee Hooper, who all brought in their unique flavor to this eclectic album.

Writer and critic Emily Yoshida joins us to discuss Post, the truly wild videos released for this album, and the many characters of Björk's voice.

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Show Tracklisting (all songs from Post unless otherwise indicated):

Possibly MaybeHyperballadEnjoyArmy of MeIt's Oh So QuietBjörk: Litli Tonlistarmadurinn Betty Hutton: It's Oh So QuietIt's Oh So QuietPossibly MaybeDJ Shadow: Mutual SlumpHyperballadMartin White: Army of MeIsobelIt's Oh So QuietI Miss YouHyperballadRufus Wainwright: Greek SongFKA twigs: mary magdalene

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