170: How to Protect Your Brain with Dr. Lisa Mosconi

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By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

170: How to Protect Your Brain with Dr. Lisa Mosconi

Friday, 13 March

How do you protect your brain?

To talk about this topic, we have Dr. Lisa Mosconi back in the studio today! 

An international researcher in Alzheimer’s prevention, author of the incredible new book The XX Brain, and a nutrition expert and neuroscientist, today’s guest Lisa Mosconi has years of invaluable nutrition and neuroscience knowledge from a career spent working to prevent brain deterioration.

In my previous episode with Lisa, we talked about how while there is no such thing as a gendered brain, there are differences in the brain health risks for men and women.

In today’s show, Lisa is going to help us understand how we can mitigate these risks and start protecting our brains and boosting our brainpower—by using strategies that can be applied by anyone, no matter their gender.

She explains the differences between female and male brains, including differences in health risks. Lisa will tell us why medical research and healthcare can be flawed for women, and why we should be talking more about women’s brain health. Finally, Lisa will take us through some easy steps so all of us can start taking better care of our brains on a daily basis.

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