The Nobody Zone:  05 - Another Side

The Nobody Zone: 05 - Another Side

By RTÉ Documentary on One

As Kieran Kelly descended into a life of murder and violence, he displayed a number of sides to his character. But what were they, and what do they tell us about him?

The Nobody Zone is a collaboration between RTÉ's Documentary On One in Ireland and Third Ear productions in Denmark.

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The Nobody Zone is written and narrated by Tim Hinman.

Storyline and production is by Tim Hinman and Krister Moltzen.

Original idea, research and recordings are by Robert Mulhern, Ronan Kelly and Liam O'Brien with production assistance from Sarah Blake, Donal O'Herlihy, Tim Desmond, Nicoline Greer and Michael Lawless.

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Original music for the series is by Tim Hinman.

The title music is the song 'Missing you' written by Jimmy McCarthy and performed by Christy Moore.

Graphics, marketing and press by John Kilkenny, Laura Beatty, Amy O'Driscoll, Nigel Wheatley, Frederik Nielbo, Jilly McDonough, Ellen Leonard, Bren Murphy and Anna Joyce. Illustrations by Alex Williamson. Distribution support from Acast.

Special thanks to the British Transport Police.

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