Episode 173: Sofie Hagen on fat activism and being funny

Episode 173: Sofie Hagen on fat activism and being funny

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Episode 173: Sofie Hagen on fat activism and being funny

She's a multi-award winning comedian, an author, podcaster, activist and fashion designer - it's the amazing Sofie Hagen! 

She tells us all about how a need for revenge initially inspired her move from Denmark to the UK. We hear how she feels about Brexit, and learn some mindblowing things about a feet-themed website and the world's best mayor. Then it's time for some chat about Sofie's role in the fat liberation movement, and why she's not a big fan of body positivity. 

Sofie's brilliant book, Happy Fat, is out now. You can buy tickets for her tour, which is happening now, and listen to her excellent podcasts via sofiehagen.com. And don't forget to sign up for her newsletter

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