294: Warming Up To Little Fires Everywhere

Extra Hot Great

By Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole

294: Warming Up To Little Fires Everywhere

Wednesday, 18 March

Appointment Television's Margaret H. Willison put a marshmallow on a stick to talk about Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere, and whether THIS is the real "vanity-free performance" on Reese Witherspoon's recent résumé, plus Kerry Washington's interesting choices as Mia; the production's unwavering commitment to 1997-ness; and whether the male Dawson's Creek lead we'd have bought in the Bill role is actually Dawson himself. Tara refused to be labeled a crackpot for thinking Mike Schur's upcoming philosoph...omedy? book is going to join its "humorous"-essay brethren in sucking, and then we went Around The Dial with Black Monday, The Bachelor, Work In Progress, Please Like Me, an Evil Lunch Bunch concept, Project Runway, and an Amazing Stories update. Margaret couldn't help but wonder if a second-season Sex & The City would make it into the Canon, and after Laura Benanti was a winner and most TV productions were quarantined losers, the Game Time question was Quibi Or Not Quibi?. This all-new Extra Hot Great's got dial-up; listen now!


Little Fires EverywhereI Am Not A CrackpotATD: Black MondayATD: The BachelorATD: Work In ProgressATD: EvilATD: Project RunwayATD: Amazing StoriesThe Canon: Sex & The City S02.E07: The Chicken DanceWinner and Loser of the WeekGame Time: Quibi Or Not Quibi?Full List at 1x Speed


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