Bonus episode: Corona Special with Dr Angharad Rudkin

Bonus episode: Corona Special with Dr Angharad Rudkin

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

What times we live in! Seeing as everything's all bollocksed up anyway, we thought we might as well break with our usual publishing schedule, and put out a little bonus episode. 

It features the brilliant Dr Angharad Rudkin, who is an awesome child psychologist. We quizzed her about how to talk to our kids about the corona virus, how to handle their worries, and dealing with our own anxieties. We also chat about how we're managing the whole thing, and share our favourite straws for clutching at. 

We are having a Scummy Night in this Friday 20 March - join us on Instagram live at 8.30pm for wine, chat, catsuits, silliness and probably some fart jokes. 

Our live shows in March and April have now been rescheduled - please contact the venues for new dates. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy and share our back catalogue of podcasts, and remember, our book is Still In Print! 

Angharad's amazing book, Find Your Girl Squad, is out now - look out for a full episode with her coming soon.

Thank you for listening. WE CAN DO THIS, PEOPLE. Love you xxx

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