SPORTS helped save my life with Keri Potts

SPORTS helped save my life with Keri Potts

By Richmond Weaver

Show Notes:

Keri is paying the price now for her scholarship as a volleyball player at Syracuse with the wear & tear over the years on her bodyHaving upcoming shoulder surgery after playing dodgeball and realized that she couldn't throw the ball as she could in the pastEven at an early age was athletic and enjoyed sports and any type of physical activityStarted gymnastics but quickly outgrew the sport and eventually fell in love with volleyball and always wanted to compete with the boysSports was a way to bond with her dadShe loved the recruiting because she could explore schools outside of the northeast but felt pressure to state in-state for financial reasons and attended Syracuse UniversityHer coaching experience at Syracuse was not a good experience but knew that there would be more than volleyball later in lifeStarted writing while at Syracuse and fell in love with earning an undergraduate and master's degreeBegan her career at the NCAA but soon felt like she was trapped and sought for a way out with the help of Jim Boeheim, Syracuse Men's Basketball Head CoachStarted with ESPN in 2003 as a Senior Publicist and currently serves as Senior Director CommunicationsLife changed for her in 2008 while vacationing in Italy where she survived a violent rape attemptStill battles with the thought that she didn't trust her gut and say no to the invitation to visit her assailant's apartmentIn the moment of "fight or flight", she knows that there's a third component of "freeze" but due to her sports background she was so confident in her body that when the adrenaline started she knew how to handle her bodyKeri believes that sports saved her life because she knew her body and how to reactWords of Wisdom from Keri Potts: "To thine ownself be true."

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