82 Charlie Dinkin & The Mouse Butter Murderer

82 Charlie Dinkin & The Mouse Butter Murderer

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 25 March

You may be aware that this episode was recorded in an era when we could all get drunk in the same room, rather than over Skype; so let yourself be transported to the time when writer, director & comedian Charlie Dinkin dropped into Drunk Women Towers to share some booze, solve a crime and sit within two meters of Hannah, Catie & Taylor.

Today we hear a story of a robbery taking place ON A PLANE and solve a case involving a murderer who manages to keep a saintly image - despite the fact that anyone close to her comes to a sticky end - and we also find out that 'mouse butter' was a 'thing' back in the day...

We then round it all-off with a listener crime involving a fancy car and a drug cartel... standard stuff.

As a side-note, thanks to the wonders of technology, episodes will continue to to go ahead from respective isolations once the studio records have all been released... we thought it best not to isolate together, no one's liver would be able to survive that!

Sending all of our lovely listeners (and non-listeners) much love and strength at this odd time.

The Drunk Women team Xx

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