Journal Prompts

Time To Talk With Alex Reads

By Alex Reads

Journal Prompts


A large highlight given from this global pandemic is connection. So many people have been reaching out to one another, and it is beautiful to see!

It’s time for us to have an internal check-in now too, as we are being cooped up inside for lengthier periods than we are used to this is going to be super tricky.

I personally do this in my journal in the morning, but it really is up to you, but ask yourself the following:

How am I feeling about being self-isolated?
What do I want this time of isolation to reveal to me?
What version of myself can I envisage becoming after this period?
How can I best serve myself and others at this time?
Who do I need to check in on that I haven’t in a while?

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Journal Prompts
Journal Prompts
Time To Talk With Alex Reads