83 Liz Miele & The Spy With The Cold Nose

83 Liz Miele & The Spy With The Cold Nose

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Tuesday, 31 March

Hello to all of our socially distancing / self isolating friends! The Drunk Women are still digging-deep into their well of episodes which were recorded whilst drinking in the same room was still a regular occurrence.

Joining them (in the flesh) is hilarious, New York based comic Liz Miele, who dropped-in whilst she was over in London, touring her show a few weeks ago.

Liz shares a crime, which could only have been committed in the 21st century and will probably make you want to upgrade your computer firewall.

The group then prove that you don't need to be a sports -fan (or have ANY sports based knowledge) to be able to solve a crime which shook the world of a particular sporting tournament. ...and there's a surprising hero in the story, who turned out to be a very good boy! 

We'll be back with another episode next Wednesday. 

In the meantime, we hope everyone out there is safe and well at this very strange time. 

All our love, The Drunk Women Xx.

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