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Jody on: Productivity during Captivity

Jody on: Productivity during Captivity

By Jody Shield

As we go into week 2 of lock-down in the UK, I wanted to ask you: how can you use this time with no distractions for your own personal growth?

What have you always wanted to do in the past but haven’t been able to do? 

After receiving many requests, DMs and emails about how to use this time as an opportunity for growth, I wanted to share some guidance with you for how to make the most of your time whilst there are fewer external distractions.

Because lock-down doesn't need to feel like a prison sentence. We can choose to reframe it and embrace the discomfort.

In this episode I spoke about: 

How you can make the most of your time in isolationDoing something that your future self will thank you for 4 practical tips to help you take action

Tune in and ⚡️BE ELECTRIC⚡️

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