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In New York: Ground Zero of America's coronavirus crisis

In New York: Ground Zero of America's coronavirus crisis

By Sky News

The United States now has more cases of the coronavirus than any other country in the world, with more than 190,000 people testing positive for the disease and over 4,000 deaths.

New York has been hardest hit. Refrigerated trucks are now being used as emergency morgues as hospitals become increasingly overwhelmed, US Navy hospital ship Comfort has been sent to New York City to offer some respite, and a field hospital has now been set up in the middle of Central Park. 

Alistair Bunkall brings you the latest from the epicentre of the US' battle against COVID-19 as doctors describe the pandemic as 'hell' and claim the crisis is worse than 9/11.

Even funeral homes are being overrun. Cordelia Lynch and Emily Purser share a special report from the Gerard J Nuefeld funeral home in New York City as families are not even allowed to bury their dead. 

"The crematoriums really aren't letting anybody in. The cemeteries are, for the most part, telling people to stay in their cars and just watch the burial from the gravesite."

Also on the podcast this week, Amanda Walker reports from the nation's capital Washington DC and discusses whether the penny has finally dropped for Donald Trump after the President backtracked on plans to stop social distancing by Easter Sunday.
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