The Birds and the Trees feat. Krys Marshall

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The Birds and the Trees feat. Krys Marshall

Tuesday, 7 April

Think about someone you admire for their courage.

Maybe it’s a person from history, who stood up for what’s right. Perhaps it’s a family member or friend who’s always bold enough to try something new.

In today’s story, we’ll meet a character who’s so brave, she’s willing to give up everything she’s ever known. Everything!

Our story is called “The Birds and the Trees.” Versions of this tale come from New Zealand, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean.

Voices in this episode include James Konicek, Adam Mastroianni, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, Gamalia Pharms, and Krys Marshall. Grown-ups, you can see Krys Marshall on Apple TV’s fictionalized version of the 1960s race to the moon, For All Mankind. Krys is also a mentor with the Young Storytellers Foundation, which seeks to "inspire young people to discover the power of their own voice.”

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