84 Monica Heisey & Spring-Heeled Jack

84 Monica Heisey & Spring-Heeled Jack

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 8 April

In the final 'throwback' edition, the Drunk Women were joined by Canadian writer and comic, Monica Heisey. Monica bookends this episode beautifully with two occasions she was the victim of a crime - and she's probably the MOST empathetic 'victim' to have ever featured on the show.

The gang then explore the murky world of 'Spring-Heeled Jack' whose baffling method of abusing his victims prompts many an interesting theory from the drunken detectives.

We also find out that Hannah's family opt for a rather unorthodox parlour game on Christmas Day...

Although the Drunk Women won't be together for a little while, episodes will be continuing and some fantastic guests have agreed to join-in on the drunkest, most crimey video conferencing to occur during the time of self-isolation.

Stay safe and see you next week! X

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