A History of Style in a Pandemic

A History of Style in a Pandemic

By WNYC Studios

Notes from America

Wednesday, 8 April

When health officials ordered everyone to wear face masks during the 1918 influenza pandemic, black women in Chicago got creative and crafted jewel-studded veils to stay safe. Kai Wright speaks with The Undefeated’s Soraya Nadia McDonald about seeking joy — and staying fly — in times of crisis. Show us how you’re staying safe and stylish: Get your look together and send us a selfie with the hashtag #USofAnxiety2020.

Read Soraya's full article at The Undefeated.

#USofAnxiety2020 pic.twitter.com/YEL06ceaop

— Brandon Lawrence (@MrJuggySummers) April 8, 2020

Mask by my mommy. Black and white photo in the back by @photoDre. I call this double photo “Black Girls: Past and future”. pic.twitter.com/XmWAeb7H3A

— Christina Greer (@Dr_CMGreer) April 8, 2020

@kai_wright my husband @kfs47 has been missing basketball, so I made a set of b-ball print masks for us! Debuted mine today with @warriors gear and basketball tie + scarf to pick up organic groceries from our favorite local cafe, @sallyloos #USofAnxiety2020 pic.twitter.com/4pr0712dKP

— Erin Cathleen Messer (@ecmesser) April 8, 2020

#USofAnxiety2020 Our family took the island theme, decked out in summer clothes and sunglasses, and of course our home made masks. #covidcation pic.twitter.com/sKOCrqCZUo

— J Enebo (@EneboGirls) April 8, 2020

#USofAnxiety2020 pic.twitter.com/l40sigbWlV

— emailnewhero@gmail.com (@newheromusic) April 8, 2020

#USofAnxiety2020 pic.twitter.com/obhVQfC0DI

— trish russoniello (@trishrussoniel1) April 8, 2020
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