85 The Drunk Women & The Duel

85 The Drunk Women & The Duel

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 15 April

It's the first episode in the 'brave new world' of recording, as the Drunk Women get their tech savvy nieces & nephews to hook them up to some super smart conferencing software, so the gang can continue to solve crimes whilst drinking in the comfort of their own homes. 

There are lots of amazing guests booked in over the coming weeks, but the feeling at Drunk Women Towers was to kick this temporary style of recording off with just Catie, Taylor & Hannah, so we can all get used to it together. 

This means we get the added treat of hearing from each of our hosts when THEY'VE been the victim of a crime, proving that crimes even happen to top detectives!

We then get into a case, which you'd need to get up early in the morning to solve ... dawn to be precise (that will be funny once you've listened to the episode). 

As these strange times continue, don't forget to check out the Drunk Women on social media; 

You can find them as @drunkwomenpod and on Insta @drunkwomensolvingcrime where they do regular live quizzes!

The next one is on Tuesday 21st April at 8pm, so bring a bottle and join-in! 

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