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By Laura Whitmore + Mags Creative

Today's interview is recorded in the London studio of British photographer and film director Rankin, in amongst a busy shoot day. He has photographed everyone from David Bowie to Kate Moss and THE Queen (yes, the actual Queen). He created the publications Dazed and Confused and Hunger as well as Rankin Film. In this episode, Rankin shares how his podcast selection is driven by his love of gripping, real life stories and his fascination with the darker side of humanity. Think Serial, Slow Burn and The Last Days of August. He also talks about the dark side of social media, how it will effect the new generation of photographers and why he doesn’t have to deal with rush hour traffic!

Podcasts referenced in the conversation include:

The Last Days of August

Under The Skin with Russell Brand


David Tennant Does A Podcast

Slow Burn

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