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Trump tries to reopen America as Obama gets into the 2020 race

Trump tries to reopen America as Obama gets into the 2020 race

By Sky News

Across America over 30,000 people have died from coronavirus - doubling in one week - hundreds of thousands of people are sick and millions are struggling for financial survival. 

Donald Trump is lashing out as his handling of the crisis comes under intense scrutiny. But despite no real end in sight - the president is intent on opening at least part of the country in two weeks' time.

On Divided States, Amanda Walker is in Washington and joined on the podcast by Alistair Bunkall, in New York, and Greg Milam, in California.

They discuss Trump's bizarre press conference this week, where he declared he had 'absolute power', and after which he was accused of having 'the biggest meltdown ever' from a US president and of trying to 'rewrite history' over his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Greg tell us how the west coast of America is coping with the lockdown, and Ali revisits a doctor in New York who a few weeks ago described the situation there as 'hell' and 'worse than 9/11.'

We also discuss the 2020 race for the White House as former President Barack Obama formally endorses Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have also given their endorsement, Warren going so far to say that she would accept being Biden's pick for running mate.
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