Quarantine Helper: Doing The Wave For Women's Sports

Extra Hot Great

By Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole

Quarantine Helper: Doing The Wave For Women's Sports

Friday, 24 April

Trapped at home? Forced to engage with family and loved ones? We are here to help a little bit with temporary Friday releases of some Extra Extra Hot Great episodes from our Patreon support system.

EEHG 039: Doing The Wave For Women's Sports: This week has seen the premiere of two new scripted drama series about women's athletics: USA's Dare Me, about elite high school cheerleading; and Netflix's Spinning Out, about figure skating. These join Ali Larter’s recently announced star vehicle The Sidelines, also about cheerleading; and Amazon Prime’s series adaptation of A League Of Their Own.

Surely, though, there still remains some whitespace yet to be explored? Pitch (baseball) your concept for the next scripted series about women’s athletics! From Jan 3, 2020.


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