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S2 E3 //  YouTuber and Influencer, Nakita Johnson

S2 E3 // YouTuber and Influencer, Nakita Johnson

By influenceme

On this episode of the 'Influence Me' podcast, Shanie Ryan is joined by YouTuber & influencer Nakita Johnson. With an impressive 880,000 followers on Instagram she promotes health and fitness across her channel's which led her to release her very own e-book, “No Excuses”. She opens up to Shanie about how different life was in her native South Africa and what it was really like relocating to London. She talks about choosing to keep her personal life off social media and reveals the daily habits that help her achieve her goals.

In this series, we'll dig deep to get to know the real person behind the digital fame. Shanie will introduce you to some incredible people, with amazing journeys and stories that you can either relate to, learn from or be inspired by.

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