Zach Hirsch | I PICK WINS Founder and Sports Predictive Analyst

Zach Hirsch | I PICK WINS Founder and Sports Predictive Analyst

By Richmond Weaver

Show Notes:

Zach knew it was a big deal for the sports world when the NBA halted its season but never expected to be this severeBelieves that Michael Jordan is the GOAT and has enjoyed watching "The Last Dance" documentary with his dadHas always had a photographic memory for things that he's passionate about and especially sportsStarted making game predictions with his family and eventually won $500 when he was 13 for picking all 15 games correctly at a smoothie store with his dadHe always thought about going to college for sports journalism or sports management but didn't plan on getting a head start in business by picking games in high schoolZach was challenged to start his own business as a summer project and thus 'I PICK WINS' started and he founded the company in 2019 at the age of 17Zach's dad owned the right to the URL ipickwins.comReceives a lot of negative comments when he does miss picks but he doesn't worry about the outside noiseHe's never had a fear of public speaking and has been naturally confident even at an early ageFavorite teams are Dallas Cowboys, Miami Hurricanes, and Miami Heat and he can name the entire Cowboy's 53-man rosterBelieves that we love sports because it's an escape from reality and allows us to feel goodWords of Wisdom from Zach Hirsch: "Let's Go Champ!"

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