The London Patient: A Cure for HIV? Part 2

A Gay and A NonGay

By James Barr and Dan Hudson

The London Patient: A Cure for HIV? Part 2

Wednesday, 13 May

"I remember all the people who died with HIV, they’re always in my heart and I want to be their voice".

This week we welcome Adam Castillejo, The London Patient - the second person in the world to be cured of HIV.

In a truly inspiring, life-affirming interview, Adam opens up about his extraordinary journey and his mission to be a voice of hope for millions - from being diagnosed with HIV at 23 years old, to his fight against both HIV and cancer & his battle to overcome both illnesses, which stunned the world. Trigger warning: Contains upsetting audio.

The London Patient: A Cure For HIV? is a two-part series - funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Podcast Awards Fund. What does the London Patient’s story tell us about a cure for HIV? Plus amongst a backdrop of Covid19, can the story of HIV and AIDS offer the world any hope?


The most recent estimate suggests that there are currently around 7,500 undiagnosed HIV+ people living in the U.K. If you are HIV+ and on effective treatment, you can’t pass it on. Undetectable = Untransmittable. Get tested for HIV now, stop the spread. In the U.K. visit for a free test at home kit..

If you're touched by this episode and wish to donate to charity, Adam’s preferred charities are;

Anthony Nolan Foundation -

Imperlal Health Charity -

Hospitality Action -

National AIDS Trust -

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