Lisa Taddeo on 'Three Women,' sexual desire, and how we judge other women

Lisa Taddeo on 'Three Women,' sexual desire, and how we judge other women

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Lisa Taddeo spent eight years writing Three Women — a bestselling book that has been hailed “the deepest nonfiction portrait of desire” ever written. Taddeo drove across America six times to spend thousands of hours with the three women whose stories shed light on the way women’s sexuality is marginalised. She even moved to the towns they lived in to gain a deeper understanding of their lives. The result is a fascinating deep-dive into the sex lives of three women and the harsh — sometimes devastating — way they are judged by society and the people they know for their sex lives.

In this episode of History Becomes Her, Taddeo talks about the lessons we can learn from the three eponymous women's stories and how we need to change how we talk about women's sexual desire. Taddeo also discusses her admiration for Italian authors Natalia Ginzburg and Elena Ferrante.

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