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Jody on: Resilience & Creating a Global Movement

Jody on: Resilience & Creating a Global Movement

By Jody Shield

In this week’s ⚡️BE ELECTRIC ⚡️episode, I’m chatting with Alister Gray.  He's an old friend and founder of Mindful Talent (global coaching academy), an executive coach, leadership consultant and mind expert who works with top brands like Google and coaches Grammy award winners, influencers and CEO’s.

3 weeks ago Ali launched a not-for-profit movement called Realise Resilience, with the aim of “empowering 1 million+ people to realise the resilience within, whilst raising funds and awareness for food banks, mental health, and youth empowerment projects in the UK.

In this episode we chat about:

The importance of co-creating to have a bigger impact on the planet Remembering our resilience within us, especially times of adversity Why the pain and suffering you experience is temporaryHow when you’re in alignment, everything is possible

The Realise Resilience project is key right now, so please go and follow on Instagram and check out their website.

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