S3 E1: Kindness matters to our mental health

S3 E1: Kindness matters to our mental health

By Mental Health Foundation

What is the Mental Health Foundation Podcast? This is the Mental Health Foundation podcast. A series which brings to you a range of mental health topics, real life stories, expert comments, and mental health tips. Bethan Buswell is your producer and host. She has her own lived experience of mental health problems and with this podcast she and the Mental Health Foundation want to raise awareness, get people talking and provide support and hope. **Remember to rate, like, review and subscribe**

What is this episode about? ***Trigger warning: this podcast mentions death** 
On today’s episode Bethan will be talking about why kindness matters and how it is central to our mental health. Bethan begins the episode by speaking to Josh Elton, who is a Group Facilitator at the Foundation. He talks to us about kindness in later life. She then speaks to Dr. Antonis Kousoulis, Director of England & Wales at the Foundation. Antonis talks to us about what kindness is, how it can have a positive impact on our own & others mental health and how we want kindness to shape the type of society we become after COVID-19. Next we hear from Bob Skinner. Bob shares a letter with you that he wrote, thanking his carers for the kindness they have shown him during lockdown. Lastly, Bethan talks to Linda Liao, Digital Manager at the Foundation about ways to bring more kindness into your life... enjoy the show! 

Who’s on the show today? Bethan Buswell: Producer & host, Digital Engagement Officer at the Foundation 
Josh Elton, guest, and Group Facilitator at the Foundation Bio: mentalhealth.org.uk/people/josh-elton 
Antonis Kousoulis: Guest, Director of England and Wales, at the Foundation 
Bio: mentalhealth.org.uk/about-us/people/antonis-kousoulis 
Twitter: twitter.com/AKousoulis 
Bob Skinner, Guest: joe.co.uk/news/a-letter-from-a-93-year-old-man-to-his-home-carers-243486 
Linda Liao: Guest, Digital Manager, at the Foundation 
Podcast editor: Tim Butcher, filmmaker, podcast editor, writer, and producer Website: timbutcher.co.uk/ 

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If you are feeling like ending your life, please call 999 or go to A&E and ask for the contact of the nearest crisis resolution team. These are teams of mental health care professionals who work with people in severe distress.

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