354: ZDoggMD | Debunking Plandemic COVID-19 Pseudoscience

The Jordan Harbinger Show

By Jordan Harbinger

354: ZDoggMD | Debunking Plandemic COVID-19 Pseudoscience

Thursday, 21 May

ZDoggMD (@ZDoggMD) [aka Zubin Damania] is a physician, assistant professor, comedian, Internet personality, musician, founder of Turntable Health, and host of The ZDoggMD Show.

What We Discuss with ZDoggMD: No, COVID-19 wasn't cooked up in a lab somewhere to wreak havoc on the world's populace at the behest of elite politicians and scientists. No, COVID-19 is not "activated" by wearing face masks designed to protect you and others from the spread of pathogens. No, Dr. Anthony Fauci wasn't responsible for destroying Judy Mikovits' career and covering up her (discredited) contributions to medical science. No, Italian vaccines aren't to blame for causing COVID-19 symptoms in otherwise healthy people. No, Jordan Harbinger and Dr. Zubin Damania are not shills for the Illuminati. And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://jordanharbinger.com/354

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