How to Run Faster, for Longer - And Enjoy it More

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

How to Run Faster, for Longer - And Enjoy it More

Wednesday, 6 May

Something that loads of you have been in touch to tell us that you want our help in order to really nail is running. So, whether you’re a total beginner, looking to make running a habit, or a fair-weather runner, keen to use their Government-sanctioned daily exercise time to up their mileage and confidence, this episode is for you. This week, Roisín is joined by Anthony Fletcher, a biomechanics expert, Precision Running Head Coach at Equinox Gyms and founder of One Track Run Club. Plus! Women’s Health’s own digital editor, Amy Lane - host of running podcast Well Far and author of new book I Can Run: An Empowering Guide to Running Well Far. Together, they share solutions for how you can hit the running goals that matter to you - and their tried and tested tips for making running a whole lot more fun.




Tools to help you make running a habit 

How to shave minutes off your 5k time 

Training tactics for a faster half-marathon

The strength-training moves to make you a more efficient runner 

The truth about running for weight loss 


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